Riverside Wedding Photographer ~ Engagement Session at Fairmount Park: Rhonda and Trace (and Hunter!)

She told me all about Trace one night on one of her trips home, how he was the. one. ~ he’s loving, caring, and thoughtful, outdoorsy and adventurous, and absolutely wonderful with her kids ~ she did not stop smiling, not even once!, during our entire conversation!  Until recently, Rhonda and Trace were living in Alaska, and I hadn’t been able to meet up with them yet since moving back to California.  I was anxious to meet the man who made one of my very best friends this happy, and I couldn’t wait to see Rhonda again, and meet their newest addition to the family ~ baby Hunter (isn’t he the cutest?!).  This engagement session at Fairmount Park in Riverside was the first time I met Trace, and got to see firsthand just how good they are together!
This session is even more special than usual ~ I love Rhonda sooo so much, and couldn’t possibly be any happier for her.  I’ve known her since Junior High, and there’s this extra sparkle in her eyes when she’s with Trace… yes, I can be so unbelievably corny, trust me, I know!  But, its the honest truth!  I hadn’t met Trace before our session, but I can’t imagine him being happier or more comfortable than with Rhonda.  He is an officer in the military and the very next day, he was on a flight back to Afghanistan, so if you’re reading this, please keep him in your thoughts & prayers that he hurries home safely to marry this beautiful woman!  Congrats Rhonda & Trace ~ all my love to you both!  Can’t wait for your wedding in November!  🙂

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